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"Ramro kaam garera matra hunchha“ says in the Nepalese language as much as "there is no good unless you do good”. This saying could stand as guiding theme for our association whose goal is to assist to charitable projects in Nepal , projects which were launched by the Nepalese themselves and which are managed exclusively by Nepalese people.

We are convinced that the people living in Nepal know best what they need and that they are suited best to efficiently realize their projects. Often they just lack the necessary means.


We should like to provide the opportunity to our members and sponsors to support such projects financially. We vouch for the donations to be used exclusively for those projects without any deductions. The administrative cost of our association is borne by the board members who work on an honorary basis.

The managing board constantly controls the appropriation of the donations. It is always in contact with the executing organization of the project.

The managing board selects the projects to be supported. Thereby not only the kind of project is of importance to them but also which personalities can manage them on the spot .

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