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Kanak Dixit is maybe the most renowned journalist and publicist in Nepal . For instance, he was one of the leading participants of the gentle revolution in whose course in 2006 democratic structures in Nepal could finally be introduced again.

Having been a victim of a bad accident with grave back injuries he got to know personally the lack of suitable rehabilitation centers in Nepal in this field. As a consequence of this personal experience he initiated the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center which our association sponsors substantially


The members of our association know Kanak Dixit well. We are in close contact with him and value – apart from his extreme intellectual capacities – especially his abilities as an effective and cross-linked thinking project leader.

As the personalities of the people responsible for the projects sponsored by our association are of utmost importance, Kanak Dixit has written down his impressive curriculum vitae as follows:

>> Curriculum Vitae of Kanak Dixit (pdf)
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