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Rato Bangala School is a well reputed private school in Kathmandu founded by Shanta Dixit in 1992 who also is its manager since that time. Approximately 720 pupils are taught there from basic level to matriculation standard.

We are especially interested and impressed by the “outreach program” offered there. The basic idea is the following: A quarter of the compulsory school fees (without fees for board and accommodation) which the completely privately financed Rato Bangala School asks from the – on the average rather well-off – parents of their pupils, is used not for the school itself, but to improve the underdeveloped educational system by concrete and cross-linked measures.


An important activity of the “outreach program” is the formation and further education of the teachers of the primary schools who are teaching in the rural districts. Professionally managed courses of several days' duration are regularly organized for them in Kathmandu.

Another activity is the procurement of school material used for teaching in the country areas as e.g. books, pencils and other resources, as well as simple utensils like a protractor.

Finally, one or two children of families living in narrow circumstances and in isolated areas are admitted to Rato Bangala School every year. The expenses for their board and clothes etc. are paid for during the whole school term. The children are placed with host families in Kathmandu.

The Rato Bangala School closely cooperates with the renowned Bank Street College of Education in New York . A professional exchange with one of the most famous education centers in the western world is thereby safeguarded.

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