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Shanta Dixit is the founder and director of the Rato Bangala School and also a member of the board of directors of the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center . In this last function she introduces the knowledge she acquired during her studies as doctor of Public Health in New York.



Shanta Dixit supplied impressive evidence of her organizational and professional abilities with the construction of the Rato Bangala School.

The members of the board of our association know Shanta Dixit very well and are in close contact with her. We consider her the ideal person to employ the donations of our members on the spot in Nepal in a circumspect manner and taking into consideration all the principles of sustainability. .

As the personalities of the people responsible for the projects sponsored by our association are of utmost importance, Shanta Dixit has written down her impressive curriculum vitae for us:

>> Curriculum Vitae of Shanta Dixit (pdf)

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